Are your prices flexible?

Prices published on this website are non-negotiable. Services that require consultation have some flexibiity based on the services you require.

Am I allowed to have you use my favorite products during a service?

Yes. You are allowed to use your favorite foundations and concealers. However, I am equipped with all necessary products to create the look you desire. If you have sensitivity to certain products, please share that information during our consultation prior to application. *Prices are not adjusted based on the use of some of your products.

Do you have high-end brands in your kit?

I use both high end and drug store brands. I make it my business to research brands and new products. I know what works and that technique is often more important than product. I understand that some products are more popular among industry professionals; but I also know that some drug store brands are just as pigmented and formulated to perform as any high end product. You can trust that your look and experience with Inspire Beautiful - no matter the product - will be exceptional.

Can you help with skincare information?

Absolutely! I stay informed about skincare brands and product ingredents as I have sensitive skin. That said, I have used and researched many skincare products and can only advise based on what I have tried and found successful. Always consult with your doctor or dermatologist before trying any new skincare regimens.

Do you provide children/teen makeup services?

Yes! Age appropriate of course. Preferably ages 10 and up. *Upon request with parents consent* I can also be booked for speaking engagements for teens on skincare and makeup application techniques. Please use my contact form to schedule time to discuss further.

Do you take pro-bono requests for services?

Yes! However, your brand or organization must provide outreach services to women/teens or be in line with the goals and standards of Inspire Beautiful. Please use my contact form to provide your information to discuss further.

How much is travel outside of 30 miles?

$2.25 per each additional mile. Please use my contact form for travel over 50 miles or outside of Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.